Sydney here again, and I’m itching to get the word out about parasites. Spring is in the air my furry friends, which means there is no better time to talk about them. True we need to use parasite prevention all year, but warmer weather means more outside time. Therefore, it’s even more important to keep up on flea, tick and parasitic worm prevention. If you need help on the best preventatives for your pet, the folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital are glad to help. They not only know their stuff, but also sell the best products right in the hospital for convenience.

Many parasite preventatives take care of the fleas & ticks. But you will need a second medicine to prevent heartworm and other internal parasites. You certainly don’t want your fur-baby to end up with worms. Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss all of them in upcoming blogs.

Come back next week as I discuss fleas, the most famous parasite for dogs and cats alike. Until then, check out for more helpful pet care tips.