new optionWoof, woof (that’s hello is dog language). Indy here.

I’m a long time patient at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, & my owner is also a LVH receptionist.  I am a senior dog and have seen a lot in my days. So I feel like I need to give some advice to those younger dogs or cats on this incessant licking and scratching that I keep seeing.  I did it too in my early years. No need to suffer or be embarrassed. Can’t chase squirrels if you have to stop and itch. Liberty Vet is starting a pet blog, so great opportunity for me to impart my wisdom.

My vet said we cats and dogs can have allergies from three sources: inhalant (stuff we breathe in), food and flea bites. Are you scratching, biting, chewing at your feet or constantly licking?? How about those ears? Are the flaps red and hot? It is not a good look. Well, if it is happening seasonally, you might be allergic to pollen. If it happens year round, you might be allergic to mold or dust. Our seasonal allergies don’t affect us like they do people.   My owner’s son has allergies and he gets runny noses and itchy eyes.   Our inhalant allergies affect our skin instead. Come see my vet for advice. Treatment may include simply taking a daily antihistamine. I know it is a big word, but I am a sheltie and pretty smart. If you don’t take pills as easily as I do, try it in a yummy pill pocket or my personal favorite, cheese.  You might need a weekly bath with gentle shampoo to give more relief. Liberty Vet has some great shampoos and sprays. My friend Betty (A Boxer mix) uses one called Pramasoothe+ HC spray. The veterinarians will direct your owner to the product that will help your symptoms best. Sometimes, but not always, if the allergies are severe, the veterinarian may need to give you an injection. It sounds scary, but the techs and doctors at Liberty Vet have that magic touch.

Pass on this information to your owners. There is a lot to consider. Inhalant allergies are bothersome, but you CAN find relief. Don’t wait too long and get caught licking or scratching in public. That is embarrassing.   Also, if you wait too long, you can lick or scratch your skin raw and create hot spots which hurt! So, enough for this blog. I need to go chase some bunnies. Next blog I’ll tell you about food allergies. Are you eating the right food??