new optionWoof, woof and hello again. Indy again, using my pet blog to educate all my dog and cat friends about allergies. So far, we discussed two types of allergies: inhalant and food allergies. Last, we need to discuss the allergy no dog or cat likes to admit they have. Are you severely itching? Are you biting at your behind?? Maybe your allergy is due to flea bites.

Yeah, I said it. Now calm down and stop howling or meowing. Don’t get all embarrassed. This problem can be resolved. Just one flea bite can be really irritating. Treatment isn’t that bad though. An antihistamine can ease the itch, and maybe you’ll get another pill treat. Maybe a medicated bath will help ease the itching. Ok, my cat friends wouldn’t enjoy a bath, but I actually like it. At least it is one on one time with your owner.

Once your symptoms are under control, a flea preventative isn’t just advised, it’s necessary! Liberty Vet now sells Bravecto. Most dogs actually like the taste of this an edible pill. Another amazing fact about Bravecto is that it only needs to be given every 3 months! My owner loves how simple that is.It even guards against ticks too. Don’t like pills? There are other topical flea products that help prevent fleas. Just have your owner ask your vet.

If your allergy is from a flea infestation, remember to bark at your owner to treat your home. Even after you get rid of the fleas in your fur, the whole area where you live needs to be treated to keep those nasty bloodsuckers from coming back! Liberty Vet carries products to help with that too.

Ok, I am done whining about the incessant scratching. Take care of it!Don’t wait too long. Remember, constant licking and scratching can lead to red, raw hot spots which can lead to infection. Don’t be inconvenienced any more. Don’t stop chasing that squirrel to itch. Don’t be impolite and lick or scratch in public . Tell your owner to take you down to the vet. Oh no, a jogger passing by…off and running!!! Good luck and watch for the next pet blog.