Ok, we’ve talked about preventative care, what about some things you can do at home? Cats need to eat a healthy diet and get exercise. If you’re not sure what type of food to get or how much you should be feeding your cat, give the fine folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital a call. Cats love to chase prey, so give them toys they must chase or bat around. Supply them with cat trees and empty shelves. They are natural hunters and climbers, so give them something to assist with this or they’ll find a way to do it on their own. They like to be up high, scouting out below them.

Be sure to brush your cat’s fur and teeth often. Brushing their fur prevents tangles and helps with shedding. Clean their teeth for the same reasons you clean yours. And when you are brushing their fur take a few minutes to examine them for any new lumps, fur changes etc. This also helps them get used to being more comfortable when they go to the vet and they are touched in a similar manner during an exam.

We only have one more week to talk about cat health, so be sure to come back for a review of the best ways to keep your cat healthy. Until then, check out libertyvet.net for more information on your pet’s needs.