Need a place to keep your fur baby safe and loved while you’re away? Liberty Veterinary Hospital is the place to go! For all my canine friends out there, you will get your own clean cage or run (depending on your size of course). The caring kennel staff will take you out 3 times a day for exercise and “relief” in a nice grassy fenced area.

My feline friends have it made too. They are housed in Kitty City, which provides a large picture window that overlooks a butterfly garden. They even are allowed out to sit on the window seats to enjoy the view close up.

Both sound great to me! I may be a dog, but I actually get along better with the felines. If it sounds good to you, then give LVH a call and make your reservation today.

Join me next week for some VIP (Very Important Pet) options. But as always feel free to check out for more on boarding if you can’t wait for me.

To take a LVH Kennel Tour click here!