Happy turkey month! It’s the beginning of two of the busiest months for you humans. Just don’t forget about your furry friends! If you’re traveling for the holidays make sure to plan ahead for your pets. If they are lucky enough to go with you, be sure they are current on their vaccines and that you have enough of their medication for the trip if they are on any. Always make sure your family and friends can accommodate your pet upon arrival, and if flying, be sure to check out any restrictions or requirements ahead of time.

If you are unable to take your fur baby with you (L), Liberty Veterinary Hospital has your back! They have boarding for cats, dogs, and even exotics. They have runs and cages for our canine friends and a nice grassy area where they are taken for some exercise and relief. Our feline friends live in Kitty City where they get to enjoy a window view while they are in boarding.

If your pet needs any vaccines or treatments, LVH can take care of that during their stay. Jane can even groom your pet or give them a bath. Why not pamper them while they are here?! Speaking of pampering, don’t forget to ask about their VIP (very important pet) services for a small extra fee.

If you need any other tips on traveling with pets or boarding them at Liberty Vet, go to libertyvet.net for some do’s and don’ts and check lists to help you plan. Until next week, bundle up and get out and play in the leaves.