LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneySydney here. I can’t believe the holidays are upon us already. I’m pretty lucky I get to travel with my mom. Well, lucky to be with her, but sometimes being around everyone else is a little stressful. If your pet feels the same, be sure there is a comfortable place for them to hide out for a while. And that’s also true even in your own home when a bunch of guests are coming over. I am sure you know how your pet reacts, so just be prepared to help them feel less stressed.

If you plan on boarding your pet, Liberty Veterinary Hospital offers safe and pleasant pet vacations. Dogs, cats, and even some exotics are welcome! They offer size appropriate cages and runs with grassy, fenced in yards for dogs. Cats, meanwhile, enjoy “Kitty City”, with a large picture window overlooking a garden!

Be sure to bring in whatever food or treats your pet needs and any toys they want. But if you forget, LVH has you covered. There are even VIP options like extra potty time, play time, bed rental, etc. They do ask that you do not bring in your pet’s bedding from home. We can act differently while boarding, and there is a risk it may get chewed, swallowed or soiled. Just call LVH or check out their website for more details, or to make a reservation.

I gotta go, but join me next week for some tips that can make your travel planning smoother and help make sure your pets are safe.