Happy December my friends! And you know what that means… cold weather and more holiday dangers to watch out for. The wonderful staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to make sure you are well prepared. So, I am going to give you some more holiday safety tips for this month. If you need a refresher on those items mentioned last month, feel free to look back at those blogs at www.libertyvet.net.

New items to look out for this Christmas season:

Cords: Lights are pretty, but the cords need to be secure and out of the way of wandering paws and chewing teeth. Do I need to tell you what can happen? Yikes!

Candles: These too can be pretty and smell great, but one wild tail or swat of a paw…….you get the idea. Talk about a hot mess!

Trees: Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree? Even we dogs and cats love them! So, be sure to anchor them down or the climbers, wild tails, & zealous pets can make a huge mess of your beautiful tree. Not to mention, cause some harm to your pet when they do.

Ornaments: No tree is complete without them, but if they have sharp edges or are breakable, your pet will be sure to find them. So please keep those out of their reach.

Pine needles: If you love the smell of pine, you may have a real tree in your house this holiday. But those needles can make a mess on the floor where your furry loved one could ingest them, which could puncture their intestines. So, be sure to clean up after your tree regularly.

LVH wants you to have safe and happy holidays. So remember to do your part for your furry family members. And if an accident happens, the doctors at Liberty Veterinary Hospital are only a phone call away (513-755-9700).

Be sure to come back next week for some boarding reminders. Sadly, your pets are not always able to go where you go, but LVH is a pleasant and safe place for your pets while you are away.

Check out this video in the meantime “Cats vs Christmas Trees”: https://youtu.be/SmWcVjk2OtE