Ah, my feline friends. They are loving one minute, then scratching at you the next. The way they pounce and play around can be entertaining for sure, so we know they are social animals. Yet, they love to hide as well in closets or under beds. But they are hidden when they feel threatened, stressed, or are in pain. It’s the latter reason we need to watch out for, and our friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to make sure you know what to look for.

Cats are masters at hiding pain, so owners need to be observant of changes in their pet’s behavior.   Hiding for longer periods than usual, change in urination (stops using the litter box), change in activity or sleeping habits, eating more or less than usual with unexplained weight loss/gain, or vocalizing; these are all subtle signs that something more is going on with your cat. So, be mindful of your pet’s behavior, so when changes occur you can monitor it and seek advice or care from LVH if needed. We want to get our felines help sooner rather than later in order to keep them healthy and around as long as we can.

Please come back next week when I go over the most dangerous illnesses for cats and some preventative actions you can take. Until then, be sure to check out libertyvet.net for more cat healthy tips.