Who doesn’t like a nice walk or game of fetch? Even my feline friends can enjoy a walk outside, but in the hot summer weather you need to be mindful that heat affects us too. If you get thirsty, then we are too. Be sure to have water for us whether just hanging out in the yard or going for a walk. On walks you need to check the sidewalks with your hand to be sure it isn’t too hot for our paws. We typically do not have shoes on (unless we have a crazy owner) so the pads on our feet can burn.   Early mornings or evenings are best for walking your pet. And if you’re just chilling outside with us, we need shade too. So please don’t leave us in the sun all day. Just remember if you’re hot and need water or shade we will too. We would even enjoy some pupsicles, ice or a good summer hair cut to help keep cool. My friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital can help with the grooming if your pet needs it.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool or like to go to the lake, be sure to keep an eye on your pets around the water. Not all dogs like to or can swim. Sadly, I cannot seem to doggie paddle for very long myself so I am not a fan of water. If your pet does enjoy a good swim, be sure to give them a bath right after. Chlorine, salt, and bacteria can irritate their skin if not washed off.   And if we lick at it could make us sick too.

To review any summer safety tips, go to libertyvet.net. And come back next week for a more serious summer issue: heatstroke. You don’t want to miss that!