Happy trails to you! And happy tails for your furry loved ones! Sadly, you can’t always take your pets with you. But dogs, cats, and even exotic pets are all welcome at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. So, remember to call them ASAP if you need to board your pet this season. Space disappears quickly around the holidays.

LVH has a caring kennel staff who will make sure your pet is walked, fed, and litter box cleaned. You supply the food, treats and any toys your pet might need for their stay. LVH provides the bedding, leashes, & bowls. If you forget anything, LVH has many items that can be purchased last minute for your pets’ stay.

These items make great stocking stuffers too! Your pet is family after all, and what furry family member wouldn’t enjoy a new dental chew, treats, or cat nip bag? Not to mention it might be a good time to stock up on other items like nail clippers, toys, or collar accessories. Isn’t LVH the best? And don’t forget to ask about VIP options for your pets’ stay as well. Specialty beds or extra bedding, interactive playtime, extra potty time, baths, & nail trims are some options that are offered ala carte to let you decide what is best for your pets’ stay.

Be sure to call LVH or check out Libertyvet.net for more boarding information so you are prepared. Certain medical services are required prior to boarding, & check-in paperwork will need to be completed upon admission.

Join me next week with some important cold weather safety. Brr! Like it or not, winter is coming, and we (humans and pets alike) need to be ready.