Ask our vets and they’ll tell you flea prevention is important all year round. That’s because those pesky critters are smart and will find their way indoors, even hitching rides on you humans. If you need flea prevention, Liberty Veterinary Hospital is the best place to go to for advice and product.

Not convinced you need monthly, year round prevention? Think about what a hassle fleas are to get rid of: all the baths, cleaning of bedding, carpets and furniture you have to do. Not to mention they can cause severe itching, skin infections, and even hair loss for your cat or dog too. Considering how mild this winter has been, this spring is going to start early, and produce a bumper crop of fleas!

No matter how great we are at self-grooming (licking and biting to rid ourselves of those nasty pests), it won’t be before they have already bitten us. Therefore, preventative medicine is the best way to fight them. Liberty Vet recommends Bravecto for dogs and cats. It’s easy to use, lasts for 90 DAYS, & also kills ticks!!! What could be better?!

Still need more advice? Check out, and be sure to come back next week as discuss ticks, another disgusting parasite. In the mean time, have some fun with this parasite themed word find puzzle: