I wish I could eat all day long, but my mom has me on a pretty strict diet. Like so many of my furry friends out there, I have to eat prescription food to stay healthy. That means no human food, darn. Oh how I miss cheese and chicken, or a nice bite of a burger. You see, my problem didn’t arise until I was about 5 or 6, so I was used to getting “table scraps”. But no more for me. And some good advice to you, is to be observant of changes in your pet because you never know when they could develop an allergy to something. And if you’ve ruled out fleas or environmental things, then most likely it is the food they are eating. Pet food has a variety of proteins in them (chicken, beef, milk, pork or eggs) that can cause irritations in us. Foods do not usually cause anaphylactic reactions like in people. Our itchy skin or digestive problems come on gradually after reacting to a food we’ve eaten for years. LVH can help determine whether your pet’s food may be causing a problem. Not only can they do a food trial with your pet to help determine what the cause is, they also carry prescription Royal Canin dog and cat food that comes in a variety of blends for most pet’s medical needs.   I myself enjoy the Royal Canin Urinary SO Moderate Calorie dry food mixed with the canned food and like I say it works to keep me healthy. So don’t hesitate to give LVH a call. They really do care and know how to help.

That’s all for August. Wow how time flies! Join me next month as I talk about Senior Wellness. Sadly another topic I can relate to.

Until then, remember there is always libertyvet.net to catch up on the latest blogs from LVH.