new optionNo one looks forward to summer more than pets. Good thing most dogs aren’t scaredy cats, lol. This week on Liberty Veterinary Hospital Blog, I, Indy will take you on a tour of my backyard from my eye level.

Standing at my back glass door, the back yard looks like fun, but is full of dangerous items to pets. Please be aware that a beautiful yard looks great, but some yard products/plants can be harmful to us. Believe it or not, some dogs want to eat, rather than urinate on, plants. Did you know rhododendrons and azaleas are poisonous to dogs? For a complete list of toxic or non-toxic plants search for information on I’ve heard cocoa bean shells are awesome for mulch but (like chocolate) it is dangerous for dogs.

So, I have moved past the gardens and am now looking out beyond my owner’s fence. There is a beautiful pool in the distance. Looks tempting on a hot day. Did you know not all pups can doggie paddle? Cats and rabbits don’t swim either. Now, there are some dogs that enjoy a swim. So, whether it be in a pool, lake, pond, or ocean, remember your dog needs a bath. Chlorine, salt and bacteria can irritate our skin if not shampooed off. I have had some friends that like to swim in ponds. Gross if you ask me, but I like my long handsome fur.

Now, scampering around to the garage side of the house, I see some other interesting supplies. Darn, my owner has them placed high on shelves. Anyway, I think they are for treating weeds, insects and of course there are the lawn tools. There is that loud machine that cuts the grass too. Keep an eye out for us pets too when you mow or clip the lawn. My owners love a nice lawn but I think they like my furry friend, Betty, and I even more.

Ok, back around to the back door. Let me bark a little to get their attention. Home sweet home, lets keep it that way. Check out your yard. Look at fences, storage, plants and pools. Let’s all enjoy this summer! Tune in next week for some fun summer related activities and useful information.