Dear Friends,

My husband has been offered and accepted a job out of Cincinnati. As we move on to the next chapter in our lives, I would like to share several things with you.

First, I will never be able to thank you enough for your friendship and support for us and Liberty Veterinary Hospital. It has been a joy to be able to be part of caring for you and your pet over the last 20 years.

Second, Dr Johnstone and Nick have been able to find a wonderful person to join Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Dr Kristen DuVal is a Cincinnati native and is moving back to become part of Liberty’s team. She brings lots of experience as well as a true love of pets with her. I would ask each of you to please stop by and meet her at your convenience. She will be starting at the beginning of June and would love the opportunity to meet you and learn about your pet.

The past 20 years of practicing veterinary medicine here was part of fulfilling a dream of mine. We started from scratch and have built, with your help, a thriving American Animal Hospital Association accredited veterinary hospital. I know you will continue to find Liberty Veterinary Hospital a place where you and your four-legged family members can receive the care you expect. My thanks again for letting me be part of your lives.


Dr Robyn Collins

**Dr. Collins last day with LVH will be Saturday June 1, 2019