Hello my furry friends and humans! Sydney here, taking a break from my busy summer traveling (i.e. stuck in a crate in the back of the car unable to see anything, but at least I can be with my mommy) to talk to you about some common allergies for dogs and cats. They are more common than you might realize and just as miserable as human allergies can be. Lucky for me, I don’t really have any allergies, but I know a pug who does. Poor girl is constantly scratching and licking to ease the itching. If you’re having similar problems or more bothersome symptoms like sneezing, difficulty breathing, vomiting or diarrhea then you might want to perk those ears up so you can help your owner figure out what’s causing your discomfort.

The most common allergies that affect dogs and cats are parasites like fleas and mites, food, and the environment (pollen, mold etc). Yes, I said it, fleas – ugh! Let’s face it, none of us want to feel those pesky little critters on us much less biting us, and they can cause some serious skin reactions to those of us who are a little more sensitive. Help is easily found at Liberty Veterinary Hospital whose experts can help find the right products to ease our discomfort.

I know what you’re thinking, I love food too. Who doesn’t? But just like our humans, certain types of foods can cause some serious skin rashes, terrible itching, or diarrhea. Heartbreaking really, to know our one joy in life could be the cause of our discomfort. No one likes changing their diet but that could be a fix if you find that your food doesn’t like you. It may take some time to find the right product for you, (but yea for yummy taste tests!), and your veterinarian can offer up some home suggestions to ease the symptoms while your diet is altered.

The third and final allergy I want to mention today is the environment. I know we all take too deep a sniff from time to time out on walk that makes us sneeze like crazy. My mommy thinks it’s funny but it is NO joke to me. Just stop laughing. Seriously, do we laugh at you? But bigger issues can develop from things in the air like pollen, dust or mold. Any of which can cause more serious issues for us whether we inhale it or it comes into contact with our skin. That’s when we may need the help of a professional veterinarian like the ones at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Their doctors can lead your human to the right medication or shampoos to ease your suffering.

So, if any of these allergies sound like a possible reason for your dance moves to find itch relief, then your human needs to contact your veterinarian for the best ways to help you. Liberty Veterinary Hospital is a great place to start if you need assistance. Let’s face it, we may be furry, but these allergies can cause great stress and discomfort for us. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

Coming up next week, I will go into greater detail about food allergies. So, until then, I am going to continue enjoying my summer. I certainly hope you all will do the same! If you can’t wait for my return, be sure to check out the LVH website (libertyvet.net) for information on services offered, or read up on some previous pet blogs for some great tips for your pet.