Hi, I’m Sydney, here on behalf of Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for coming back! This week is really important for all my furry friends out there as the temperatures drop. I love the cold, but there are days even I don’t want to be outside. That wind chill can be fierce! And don’t let thick fur fool you. Fur cannot protect us from frost bite or hypothermia. So don’t leave us outside if you don’t want to be out there either! When we do need to go out, this is your opportunity to dress us up with one of those cute pet sweaters you love to put us in. It’s so cold, we will actually welcome it now. If we are outside too long though, and you think we may have frost bite or worse, be sure to call my friends at LVH for help.

Once you get us outside, pets can have difficulty walking on the snow and ice. Be patient with your fur baby, or even go outside with them to help as a guide when they do their business. Also, be careful of the salt that’s put down to melt the ice. It can really irritate our paws, & be bad for our system if we lick it off our paws. Keep a damp cloth handy to wipe the salt off.

Just remember, if you’re cold – we are too! Join me next week for cold weather tips for those pets who may have to stay outside longer. And as always, you can check out www.libertyvet.net for all your cold weather tips.