LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneyWelcome back my feline friends (and owners). We all love the quirkiness of cats; from their need to show affection one minute and attack you the next, or how they love to just knock everything off tables (ok, maybe this is just funny to us dogs). But not all cat behavior is just to amuse us. Did you know cats hide when they are feeling threatened, painful, or stressed? They feel more secure when able to hide or perch on high places (cat condos, window perches, baskets etc.). If they are hiding due to something they perceive as a threat, you should always wait for them to come to out and ask for cuddling. Don’t just grab them and assume they are ready to cuddle when you are. The hiding is ok from time to time, but if they hide for long periods or show a behavior change, you may want to seek a vet’s advice. My friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital are the perfect group to ask.

And speaking of things that stress cats out, I am sure you are aware that many cats are not easy to get into a pet carrier when it is time to take them to the vet. There is usually a lot of growling and scratching to get them into one.   That is why it is best to get them used to the carrier well before their vet visit by leaving the carrier out for several days in advance (or even leave it out all the time). Let your cat investigate the carrier on their own time. Leave treats or food inside, being sure the door is open and it won’t close on them trapping them inside. You want to make sure it is a positive experience for them and you.

Be sure to come back next week, where I will cover some common ailments to keep a look out for in your beloved pet. And visit for more great info.

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