LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneyMeow my feline friends (and your owners too)! This month is all about you.

It is important to stay up on your health, so I am here for the next month to help my feline friends out. I am sure you all know the basics like keeping out fresh water and feeding your cat twice a day. If you have multiple cats, each cat should have its own food dish and one litter box per cat too. If you want to know the right food or quantity to give your cat, just ask the experts at Liberty Veterinary Hospital ( They are always there to help with all your cat needs.

If your kitty allows you to, you need to brush them often to keep their fur from getting tangled and to help with the shedding. You may have noticed that cats love to keep busy! They also need their exercise to help keep off extra weight. So cat scratching posts, toys, and having a window to sit in and watch birds and squirrels is a must. Be sure to give them toys that are prey-like in size and have movement or add a treat to them. It allows them to use their natural instincts to hunt.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, as you humans say. Come back next week for some common feline issues all cat owners seem to run into.

This month LVH is also having a raffle for a 6 month supply of feline parasite preventatives. Be sure to gather the underlined clues each week to use in answering our question on the last blog of this month.