LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneyDid you sign up for your pet’s dental cleaning or senior wellness plan? No, not yet? What are you waiting for!? If your dog is age seven or older, their puppy days are long gone. Sigh, I know mine are. It turns out my twelve years mean I am really 64 in human years. Which means I too need more care. I’m sure you’ve seen the signs in your own pet: increased stiffness, loss of bladder control, increased thirst, and change in appetite, just to name a few. As pets we are really good at suffering in silence, not letting on that there is something bothering us. So, keeping a keen eye on any changes in your canine and keeping up on semi-annual vet exams are important.

Veterinarians sure know what they’re doing too. They can do tests to make sure our organ systems are working properly and check for diabetes or for signs of bladder stones. I’m no stranger to urine tests myself. I’ve had to suffer the humiliation of my mommy holding some container under me for all the world to see. Although, really who is it more embarrassing for, her or me? It’s all for a good cause though, our health. There are even things called x-rays that the vet will use to check out our heart and lungs. Don’t worry, they don’t hurt. Just strike a pose and hold steady. And let’s not forget about our eyes or teeth. We can lose our vision or get cataracts too, just like people. Dental disease can lead to all sorts of health problems too.

So no more excuses! Reach out to LVH for the best Senior Wellness Plan for your dog. See you all next week, when I help out all my feline friends out there and talk about their senior health.

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