When thinking about veterinary care, you likely consider vaccines, exams, and life-saving surgeries. However, while these services can save your pet’s life and promote their health, veterinarians’ roles extend far beyond this and the happenings within the clinic walls. Veterinarians play a crucial role in enhancing your furry friend’s well-being in surprising ways such as their behavioral health and your community’s animal welfare. Our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team explains the invaluable services our team provides to enhance pets’ lives.

Veterinarians enhance your pet’s life

You likely want the best for your four-legged friend, and most important to maintaining their health is related to the veterinary care they receive. Veterinarians go to heroic lengths to save injured or ill pets, but they also have a positive impact on pets’ additional needs. Some unexpected services our veterinary team provides include:

  • Nutritional guidance — Nutrition is good health’s foundation. Veterinarians offer advice on pet nutrition, assessing pets’ dietary needs based on factors such as their age, breed, and medical history. Our team can recommend an appropriate diet to keep your pet healthy and vibrant, supporting their overall health and energy. Whether managing weight or addressing food allergies, our team can tailor your pet’s nutritional plan to optimize their health. 
  • Behavioral counseling — Pets often exhibit behavioral issues such as aggression and compulsiveness. Our team is skilled in identifying these problems’ underlying causes and suggesting effective behavior modification strategies. We promote training and socialization for pets, beginning at an early age, to prevent problem behaviors from arising. Through observation and understanding of animal psychology, we help you address behavioral concerns, helping foster a harmonious relationship between your two- and four-legged family members. 
  • Preventive care education — Prevention is vital to ensuring your pet’s long-term health and well-being. We provide information about the importance of vaccinations, parasite control, disease management, and annual wellness exams. We help safeguard pets against common illnesses and diseases by promoting preventive care practices, ultimately saving lives and reducing veterinary care costs. 
  • Husbandry advice — Many pet owners are interested in breeding dogs or cats. We provide expert guidance for ensuring your pregnant mama dog or cat remains healthy throughout gestation and for providing veterinary care for newborn puppies and kittens. In addition, our team advocates for responsible breeding practices that promote all animals’ well-being. 
  • Grooming tips — Grooming isn’t only about making your pet look pretty; these services are also an understated component of their health. Pet grooming includes oral care, such as ear cleaning and daily toothbrushing, to prevent ear infections and dental disease. Our team encourages pet skin and coat, dental, and ear health by providing you with tips you can use at home for your furry friend. 
  • Behavior enrichment recommendations — Pets, like people, need a stimulating environment and things to do to maintain their physical and mental health. We provide suggestions for toys, games, environmental changes, and activities to prevent pet boredom and behavior problems. Behavioral enrichment includes all the activities in which your pet engages—from daily walks, playtime, and snuggle sessions—that strengthen the bond you share with your cherished furry pal.  

Veterinarians enhance well-being in your community

In addition to providing care beyond your pet’s physical health needs, veterinarians also provide care to your community as a whole. Veterinarians enhance your community’s well-being by providing the following:

  • Public health advocacy — Veterinarians are at the public health initiative forefront to help prevent zoonotic diseases’ spread, protecting pets’ and people’s well-being. Veterinarians go above and beyond to ensure public health by monitoring disease trends, implementing vaccination campaigns, and providing expertise in disease control measures.
  • Animal welfare advocacy — Veterinarians are passionate advocates for animal welfare, championing all creatures’ rights and well-being. Working tirelessly to combat animal cruelty, promote responsible pet ownership, and support initiatives aimed at improving animal living conditions, veterinarians show their compassion through action.

While championed for providing care for pets’ physical health, veterinarians also play unexpected roles in pets’ and communities’ emotional well-being. From offering nutritional guidance and behavioral counseling to advocating for animal welfare and public health, veterinarians provide myriad services that positively impact us all. To learn more about how we help more than your pet’s physical health, make an appointment with our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team.