A lot of you travel over the holidays, and unfortunately, many of us do not get to go with you. Pets, though loved, cannot always go where the rest of the family is going. At those times Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to let you know your pets are safe with them. They have friendly and caring staff ready to love your baby while you are away. For dogs like me, they have cages or runs to accommodate all sizes. And the nice folks there will walk us three times a day so we can stretch our legs and do our business. For my feline friends out there, Kitty City, as they call it, is waiting for you.   It is a place with cages to sleep in and window ledges to look out during the day. You can even bring your pet’s food and treats, and even a toy or two to help make their stay easier. Please leave your bedding at home so it doesn’t get mixed up in the wash. LVH has plenty of comfy soft things for us to lie on. And to make things easier for you, LVH will provide any needed treatment or vaccines during your pet’s stay. But you’d better call soon because they fill up quickly.

Need more information? Be sure to call LVH or go to libertyvet.net for a virtual tour or checklists, such as how to prepare for travel with your pet or boarding preparations. Join me next week as I discuss winter weather safety, because like it or not, winter is coming.