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Pass or Fail—Selecting a Safe Chew Toy For Your Dog

Chewing can be an enjoyable, stress relieving activity for dogs. Unfortunately, improper toy selection can make chewing dangerous, so to keep all dogs safe and healthy, Liberty Veterinary Hospital tested some popular toys to help you “chew-s” wisely. How we evaluated pet toys for safety WIth aisles of pet toy options, knowing what’s best for [...]

Help Meow-t—Inappropriate Urination in Cats

“Why is my cat urinating outside the litter box?” is a common question at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Unfortunately, the answer is not always obvious, and this frustrating behavior can be a result of multiple factors. Inappropriate urination by cats is always indicative of a problem, and prompt attention is necessary. Here are some common reasons [...]

Kidney Failure In Pets: Your Questions Answered

As your pet grows older, their organ function typically declines as a result of aging. However, numerous issues can cause kidney failure in pets of any age. If your pet has developed kidney failure, this condition can be quite complex and you may be left with many questions. Although your Liberty Veterinary Hospital veterinarian is [...]

7 Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know About Mosquitoes and Ticks

When you head outside to enjoy a summer day, you likely liberally douse yourself in bug spray to keep away mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. But, do you use parasite preventives to protect your pet from the same bugs? These opportunistic bloodsuckers are looking for their next victim and will take advantage of an unprotected [...]

Is Your Dog Weird? 6 Unusual Behaviors Seen in Dogs

Although cats generally hold the title of most enigmatic house pet, prone to bouts of mysterious behaviors, dogs also have some bizarre behaviors. If you’ve noticed your canine companion rolling in a questionable spot on the grass, or dragging their hind end along the ground, you’ve likely wondered what is going through their head. Our [...]

4 Tips to Purrfectly Enrich Your Indoor Cat

Humans have chosen feline companions for more than 10,000 years. In some nations, cats were worshiped and treated like royalty, so it’s no surprise that many cats have embraced being worshiped by their human family. Cats’ independent and sometimes frisky personalities make them special, and they need special care. A feline companion needs more than [...]

4 Fun Games to Play with Your Pet

Long periods of inactivity can negatively affect your pet’s physical and mental health, and lead to serious medical issues. Plus, it’s no fun for your furry pal if they don’t get to play each day. By engaging in daily exercise with your four-legged friend, you can both benefit from a boost in mental and physical [...]

5 Myths About Puppy Success, Debunked

A wealth of information is available on the web about puppy health, training, and general upbringing. Unfortunately, with many of the reliable puppy resources comes abundant misinformation. Following are five common myths about puppy raising, and the reasons they aren’t true.  Myth #1: Housetraining comes easily for most puppies Puppies are notoriously harder to house [...]

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