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4 Tips for a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good things in our lives, and your pet is likely at the top of your gratitude list. Pets offer fierce loyalty, unconditional love, and endless companionship, but as you focus on the feast, your pet could get into trouble and need emergency veterinary care. When your [...]

3 Pet Weight Management Cases

Pet obesity is increasing, and the condition can raise your four-legged friend’s risk for significant health problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, hypertension, arthritis, and skin disease. Our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team sees overweight pets every day, and we provide details about three fictional pet weight management cases.  Pet weight management case #1: Sophie, [...]

Budget-Friendly Playtime: Do-It-Yourself Enrichment Toys for Pets

Dogs and cats are curious creatures who love to play, which helps them stay socially engaged, physically active, and mentally sharp, simulating hunting and scavenging behaviors that are part of their DNA. Interactive toys are a great way to provide pets with needed enrichment. However, to prevent your furry pal from becoming bored, you must [...]

So Fresh and Clean: How to Groom Your Pet At Home

Although professional grooming services are widely available to help your furry pal shine, grooming your pet at home saves you money and gives you an opportunity to strengthen your pet-owner bond. In addition to promoting your dog’s or cat’s overall health and wellbeing, bathing, brushing, and nail trimming are essential tasks for ensuring your pet [...]

A Guide to Summer Pet Safety Hazards

Pets and their owners flock to the outdoors when the weather warms up, because they know the Midwestern summer lasts only a few fleeting months. While you are outside with your pet soaking up the sun, you may be exposing them to summer dangers. The Liberty Veterinary Hospital team has your pet’s best interests in [...]

Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets: Early Detection Saves Lives

Aging pets are more likely to develop many diseases and conditions, including chronic kidney disease (CKD), than their younger counterparts. Traditionally, this progressive condition was not diagnosed until pets began showing clinical signs in the late disease stages when treatment was too late to effectively slow disease progression. Now, a new test has been developed [...]

Tips for Pet Disaster Preparedness

When faced with severe weather or a natural disaster, your best defense is preparedness. A catastrophic event can occur quickly, often without warning, and that can spell disaster for you and your pet if no preparations have been made. In the event of flooding, a severe storm, tornado, or fire—all possibilities here in Ohio—you must [...]

5 Reasons Your Pet’s Eyes are Red

The eyes are a complex organ that works with the brain to help your pet see, sense light, and navigate the world. Primary eye diseases and systemic conditions that manifest in the eyes can cause your pet serious discomfort, and can lead to blindness. The first sign of an eye problem is often eye redness, [...]

5 Poison Prevention Tips for Your Pet

Toxic substances are plentiful in your home, garage, and yard, and your four-legged friend has a good chance of sniffing them out if you aren’t careful. Knowing which potential poisons you keep in your home—and how to prevent your pet’s access—is crucial for keeping your furry pal safe from danger. Here are five tips to [...]

I Can Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

You can and should brush your pet’s teeth. Daily toothbrushing is the best way to slow dental disease progression to help avoid serious health complications. Brushing your pet’s teeth isn’t as difficult as you may think, and our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team explains why daily toothbrushing is important and how to train your pet to [...]

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