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Is Your Dog Weird? 6 Unusual Behaviors Seen in Dogs

Although cats generally hold the title of most enigmatic house pet, prone to bouts of mysterious behaviors, dogs also have some bizarre behaviors. If you’ve noticed your canine companion rolling in a questionable spot on the grass, or dragging their hind end along the ground, you’ve likely wondered what is going through their head. Our [...]

4 Tips to Purrfectly Enrich Your Indoor Cat

Humans have chosen feline companions for more than 10,000 years. In some nations, cats were worshiped and treated like royalty, so it’s no surprise that many cats have embraced being worshiped by their human family. Cats’ independent and sometimes frisky personalities make them special, and they need special care. A feline companion needs more than [...]

4 Fun Games to Play with Your Pet

Long periods of inactivity can negatively affect your pet’s physical and mental health, and lead to serious medical issues. Plus, it’s no fun for your furry pal if they don’t get to play each day. By engaging in daily exercise with your four-legged friend, you can both benefit from a boost in mental and physical [...]

5 Myths About Puppy Success, Debunked

A wealth of information is available on the web about puppy health, training, and general upbringing. Unfortunately, with many of the reliable puppy resources comes abundant misinformation. Following are five common myths about puppy raising, and the reasons they aren’t true.  Myth #1: Housetraining comes easily for most puppies Puppies are notoriously harder to house [...]

Winter holiday safety tips for pets

This busy time of year, filled with holiday hustle and bustle, can be dangerous for pets. Cold weather, tempting trash bags filled with food waste, and gaily decorated Christmas trees are all potential hazards for dogs and cats. Nobody wants a happy family gathering to end with a trip to the veterinary emergency hospital, so [...]

Pack Your Bags: Prepping Your Pet for Traveling or Boarding

The busy holiday season is approaching, which means plenty of travel plans and family accommodations will be necessary. Whether you’re heading across the country to visit friends or family, or overloading your own home with guests, travel plans must be made well in advance to minimize stress and potential pitfalls. If you plan on traveling [...]

How and Why Your Cat Should Pay a Veterinary Visit

Imagine you are peacefully sleeping, when out of nowhere a huge pair of hands snatches you up, and shoves you into a tiny plastic box that smells like fear. You scramble to keep your footing as the box shifts underneath your feet, and you realize in horror that you are being taken from your safe [...]

5 Tips to Get a Handle on Heatstroke

With forecasted highs for Liberty Township approaching or exceeding 90 degrees for most of August, it is paramount that pet owners remember these five heatstroke prevention tips, to keep their fur-coat-wearing buddies safe this summer.  #1: Understand how heatstroke occurs in pets Heatstroke is more common in dogs than cats, and occurs when a pet [...]

What to Expect from an AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Hospital

When you walk into Liberty Veterinary Hospital, you may notice our proudly displayed red and white logo depicting our AAHA-accreditation. That small logo represents a huge achievement that required countless hours of hard work, dedication, and striving by our team, to offer nothing but the best care to our beloved patients. As an AAHA-accredited hospital [...]

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