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Tips for Pet Disaster Preparedness

When faced with severe weather or a natural disaster, your best defense is preparedness. A catastrophic event can occur quickly, often without warning, and that can spell disaster for you and your pet if no preparations have been made. In the event of flooding, a severe storm, tornado, or fire—all possibilities here in Ohio—you must [...]

5 Reasons Your Pet’s Eyes are Red

The eyes are a complex organ that works with the brain to help your pet see, sense light, and navigate the world. Primary eye diseases and systemic conditions that manifest in the eyes can cause your pet serious discomfort, and can lead to blindness. The first sign of an eye problem is often eye redness, [...]

5 Poison Prevention Tips for Your Pet

Toxic substances are plentiful in your home, garage, and yard, and your four-legged friend has a good chance of sniffing them out if you aren’t careful. Knowing which potential poisons you keep in your home—and how to prevent your pet’s access—is crucial for keeping your furry pal safe from danger. Here are five tips to [...]

I Can Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

You can and should brush your pet’s teeth. Daily toothbrushing is the best way to slow dental disease progression to help avoid serious health complications. Brushing your pet’s teeth isn’t as difficult as you may think, and our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team explains why daily toothbrushing is important and how to train your pet to [...]

Be Well—Routine Wellness Screenings for Pets

We all wish our pets could live forever, and while that’s impossible, you can increase their quality and quantity of life by taking charge of their health and ensuring they receive annual wellness screenings. Our team at Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to emphasize the importance of these evaluations for your pet.  Regular wellness screenings protect [...]

6 Ways to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

When you look adoringly at your new puppy or kitten, you see years of companionship and adventure together. You likely do not give a thought to how quickly the time will go by, and that you will wish for more time when your pet is nearing the end of their—far too short—life. While you cannot [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Veterinary Anesthesia

their pet being “put under” can elicit nervous feelings. Some veterinary procedures need to be performed with your pet under anesthesia, and while it’s normal to worry about your pet, it should not be a reason to deny them the veterinary care they need. Our team at Liberty Animal Hospital wants to help relieve your [...]

Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

Nonstop scratching, head tilting, and an unmistakable odor—after helping your pet battle a few ear infections, you likely recognize the signs. Unfortunately, if an ear infection’s underlying cause is not addressed, the condition continues to return—often immediately after your pet has completed treatment for the previous infection. Chronic ear infections are a miserable and frustrating [...]

Vaccinations 101: Disease Protection for Your Pet

When you receive a reminder that your pet is due for their vaccinations, you may wonder what the abbreviations stand for, why your pet needs vaccinations, and what vaccinations will protect your pet against which diseases. Our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team wants you to know how vaccinations safeguard your pet against infectious disease, so read [...]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for a New School Year

Pets thrive on predictability, and your pet has no doubt become used to—and loves—their summer routine of late nights, sleeping in, a different meal schedule, and plenty of time with the family. Now that a new school year is here, your pet will need to transition into a new routine, and they will adapt more [...]

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