new optionI’m Sig. At 10 weeks old, I’m super cute, full of energy and want to play and chew all the noisy and shiny things I can get my paws on. I can’t wait for our Christmas tree to go up. The lights, the tinsel and all the shiny ornaments I can smack at, all in one place! Oh, wait…. All I can do is look at them because my owners know that although tinsel is not toxic, it can be very harmful if I swallow it. Once it has been consumed, it can twist and bunch up in my intestines causing very serious damage resulting in emergency surgery.

Those shiny ornaments and lights will be out of my reach as well. As much fun as they are to play with, I don’t want to break them and cut my paws on the broken pieces. Or even worse, swallow and choke on the small or broken pieces. Make sure those lights don’t have any frayed or exposed wires. I know I like to chew on things and I bet a lot of other pets out there do too! Frayed or exposed wires can shock us, cut our tongues and even cause death. Remember to use a grounded three prong extension cord as a safety precaution.