Liberty Veterinary Hospital boasts a boarding facility designed for the comfort and care of your pet while staying with us. All dogs are taken to a grassy fenced-in area for exercise three times daily. Dogs are housed in size appropriate cages or runs. Cats are housed in “Kitty City” which provides a large picture window that overlooks a butterfly garden for their entertainment. While they are not let outside daily, they are allowed out into the “Kitty City” room to relax in kitty window seats. Your dog or cat can be given vaccines (if not overdue) and treatment, including surgery, when needed during their stay with us. Please take a virtual tour and see what we have to offer:

Please call us for boarding prices and reservations. Feel free to ask us for a boarding tour. These are best done during mid-afternoon, since this is a slower time for our kennel staff.
Exotics are welcome as well!

We strive to make your check in as easy as possible so please allow 10-15 minutes for paperwork with receptionist. If your pet is having surgery while staying with us, you will need additional time to speak with a technician as well.

Here is some additional info to help check in go more smoothly:
  • Please bring cats in carriers labeled with your name.
  • Have an emergency phone number for us to call.
  • Let us know what toys and treats you are leaving (type of toys, colors, etc.)
  • Bring in a stool sample (done with every boarding stay at no charge if current on yearly fecal)
  • Bring in your pets usual food and let us know how much and how often you feed. How often do you give treats?
  • Are there any behavioral or other issues we should be aware of while staying with us?
  • Is your pet diabetic or on any medication? If yes, please bring in meds and keep in original containers so we can document them properly.
  • Do you need any heartworm prevention or flea and tick prevention? If yes, what kind? How many? Do you need any dispensed while with us or just need to take some home at pick up?
  • Would you like your pet bathed or groomed while here?
  • Does your pet need any medical services while here? Anal glands expressed? Nails trimmed?
  • Who has permission to pick up your pet?
  • We must keep our facility flea/tick and parasite free for the health of all patients. Therefore, ALL pets are required to be on a vet approved flea, tick (cats and dogs) and heartworm (dogs) preventative prior to admission. If they are not, we will administer flea, tick and heartworm medication which will be added to your invoice. Please let us know product names and most recent application dates as well as any known allergies at check in.

We provide bowls and bedding. Leashes and collars will be sent home with you after check in.