I saved the worst for last: worms. Some of the creatures in the JK Rowling movie were indeed fantastic. But take a look at these bizarre creatures:

(left to right) Heartworm, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms can all cause upset stomachs and diarrhea for your pet. They can even block blood flow, and you can imagine how dangerous that could be.

The good news is that parasite medication offers protection against a number or intestinal worms. Liberty Vet recommends Interceptor Plus, which kills all 4 of the pictured worms, plus repels mosquitoes from every biting. It is very important to keep up on that monthly treatment as these parasites can strike any month, any weather.

Wonder how your pet even gets worms? Some pets who love to snack on smelly “treats” other animals leave outside (yes, I mean poo), & that certainly puts them at risk. But what if your pet steps in contaminated soil, then licks their paw to remove it? Yep, that could do it too. Even mosquitoes carry worms and pass them along. So indoor only pets (yes, I mean you cats) are at risk. Regular heartworm & fecal tests are recommended too, just to be sure everything is ok. If you see something in your pet’s stool, don’t wait. Call LVH right away.

What have we learned this month? Parasites = bad. Preventative medicines = good.

Come back next week as I go over boarding for your furry family members. But if you have any questions about your pet, go to www.liberyvet.net and view past blogs and newsletters that should cover most of your pet care needs.