new optionHey! Hey! Hey! Ellie Mae here…super excited! I just got in from a long run to the nearby pond following this quick little rabbit. It was so much fun! Before I knew it, he was gone but I found some tasty little pellets he’d left behind. Rabbit pellets are just the best aren’t they? The smellier, the better I say! My mom says they’re full of worms but I haven’t seen any yet. I keep looking but I don’t see anything that looks like a roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, or any other shape worm. Seamus told me it was just the eggs I was eating and they were too small for me to see. He’s so smart. The eggs hatch inside me and the worms hang out in my guts. Sometimes they make my stomach upset and give me diarrhea. For an explorer such as myself, that can really slow things down. Since mom and I both know I can’t resist a good smelly treat on my travels, she makes sure to get a sample of my stool tested annually at the vet. On our last visit the nice people at Liberty Vet Hospital found something called coccidia and giardia. Double whammy! Mom had to give me some special medicine for awhile, but this beagle is now bug free….for now. To help prevent some of these tummy troubles, mom gives us Interceptor Plus once a month. The same chewy treat we take to prevent heartworm also protects us against some of those pesky intestinal worms. Just one treat a month and we’re fully protected and I can get back to chasing that silly rabbit. Oh! Oh! I think I see him. I bet I catch him this time! I’m off but stay close, Willie will be by shortly. He’s a real expert on fleas and ticks.