new optionWant to play a game?? I am Rupert, I live with Alicia, one of Liberty Vet’s technicians. Let’s see how smart you are.
TRUE or FALSE:                     10% of cats show signs of dental disease by age 3.
TRUE or FALSE:                     Cats should never brush their teeth.
TRUE or FALSE:                     Cats are supposed to have bad breath because they eat mice.
TRUE or FALSE:                     If a cat’s teeth are discolored it’s normal because they eat dark colored food.
TRUE or FALSE:                     It takes months, if not years, for plaque to develop on a cat’s teeth.

If you answered true to any of the above questions, you need new dental advice.

70% of felines have symptoms of oral disease by age three. Cats should brush teeth daily or eat treats specifically designed to clean their teeth (like Greenies). Don’t humans say we should go green? Not every cat eats mice, but no matter what they eat, bad breath is a bad sign. Cats shouldn’t have discolored teeth. That may actually indicate it is painful to eat. Plaque can build up over night.

Be a smart cat. Take the quiz again. Clifford, my house cat companion, will educate us next week on convincing your owner to visit the vet. Don’t forget February is dental month at Liberty Vet!

Let’s keep barking for another week. Maybe if we annoy our humans enough, they will wonder why we are barking. And tell your owners they can always stop by Liberty Veterinary Hospital for brochures on dental cleaning and home care dental products.