new optionSo for about a month now, we dogs should have been annoying a lot of neighbors. That barking chain hopefully reached a lot of dogs alerting all that February is dental month at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Between the dog bark alert and this blog, even our owners should be aware by now. Just in case a human missed it:


Have your owners call and make an appointment. Before the dental can be scheduled, you need a dental exam. My veterinarian doesn’t like surprises. She wants to have time to investigate your teeth. Remember planning is good. Sometimes, a blood test or x-Ray is needed to ensure you are healthy prior to the dental. My vet is dedicated and wants to set aside ample time for your procedure.

Remember, bad breath is not normal. Halitosis and discolored teeth are indicators your mouth needs a good exam. When your breath smells normal, you may even have more cuddle time with your owner.

Let’s keep barking for another week. Maybe if we annoy our humans enough, they will wonder why we are barking. And tell your owners they can always stop by Liberty Veterinary Hospital for brochures on dental cleaning and home care dental products.