new optionThis is incredible! Gather round my canine friends. I am Wrangler visiting the Liberty Vet blog again. Fantastic and exciting news must be shared. Liberty Vet will be celebrating dental month which means 25% off any dental cleanings scheduled for February. This is a high alert and news to be spread. Start the dog barking chain. Don’t care if the neighbors are annoyed by the barking and howling. Woof away and spread the news!

Does your breath stink? It is not normal for dogs to have bad breath. Here is a big word: HALITOSIS. Big dogs may be able to say it, but pups will need practice. How many of you hid this past holiday because you have bad breath? A lot of humans think canines are supposed to have bad breath. Let’s be kind and call these humans silly. Two major signs of dental disease are halitosis and discoloration of teeth.

Veterinarians list four stages of dental disease. Stage 1 is gingivitis. At this point, dogs have a slight mouth odor with some tartar. As we dogs advance untreated through remaining stages, gums inflame, bad breath worsens and discharge begins. This is scarier than a vacuum, but your teeth may even loosen making it painful to chew your food! At this point, the bad breath is severe.

I am going to pass the next week’s blog on to Rupert, my feline counterpart. Sorry if I have scared you. Rupert will have advice for the cats. Keep the barking chain going. February is dental month!!