new optionCats, dogs, even humans, lend me your ears. Damien here and I’m ready to give you the skinny on maintaining proper weight as we age. I don’t know about the rest of you, but with each passing year I find myself spending more time napping in sunbeams and less time chasing my siblings and harassing my humans. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hunt as much as the next cat, but sometimes a big bowl of food and a nice nap just hits my sweet spot. My humans still try to antagonize me into playing with them: dangling string in front of my face, throwing stuffed creatures I am supposed to believe are mice, even unleashing the infernal red dot (oh how it mocks me…), but an elder such as myself cannot be bothered with such nonsense. I simply have far more important things to do than maintain the same enthusiasm toward physical endeavors that I exhibited in my youth. At my most recent checkup at LVH, my favorite doctor told my humans that as my level of physical activity changes, my dietary needs are changing too. I can’t really be bothered with that nonsense, but I know that I got to try a yummy new food that same night. My humans say that it will help me stay healthy and slim as I age and may even make my golden years a little brighter. All I know is that my new food goes great with a nap, and it’s about that time… Goodnight my friends. Karl will be weighing in on the topic of obesity next week, and I don’t you don’t want to miss that!