new optionThis is Sweet Baby Jay checking in with you today. While maintaining our figures might not mean much to us, it should be of primary concern for our humans. As a young lady in our modern society, I know that I am expected to display a certain hourglass physique, but the benefits of a healthy weight and body size go far beyond mere aesthetics. My humans are able to track my weight and size easily because of how often I visit my friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, and your humans can stay informed by bringing you in for regular visits as well. My humans bring me in every 6 months for my physical exams with my favorite doctors, technicians, and assistants. The humans record my weight, check my whole body to make sure I am okay, and let my humans know how they might be able to improve my quality of life. My humans like it because they feel better knowing how I am doing and how they can help avoid problems before they arise. I like it because of all the attention I get at LVH. They even have a handy chart that lets my people know where I am on the feline body type spectrum. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, how much catnip is it worth? Next week, my big brother Damien is going to chime in on how he maintains a healthy weight in his golden years.